where Jesus is The Living Word

The Rhema Word of God Church Inc., started as a small Bible Study group initiated by Frances F. Talattad, then Human Resource Manager of the San Miguel Corporation-Manila Plastics Plant located at 631 Tomas Claudio, Pandacan, Manila on April 5, 1995.

This group composed of 4 people (Rey David, Facilities Engineer of MPP, Danny Austria, Security Officer, and direct report of FFT), Jenny Gonzales and Cherry Lacson, both contractual workers) As the Lord met the needs and prayers of these people, they begun to invite others to join the Bible Study until this grew to become a fellowship meeting held every Tuesday night inside the plant. The Tuesday fellowship begun on March 5, 1996. Pastor Romy ABellar with Sis Baby Abellar, Pastora’s spiritual parents, helped her disciple the early church members .

The members continued to increase in number, so the Lord directed them to move out of the Manila Plastics Plant.On June 1997, the group, called The Eternal Word Fellowship, moved to a portion of the 2nd floor of Building 2000 located at 2292 Quirino Ave., cor Jesus Street, Pandacan, Manila. The leaders decided to register the group with the Securities and Exchange Commission.On April 8,1999, the church was finally registered with the SEC as “The Rhema Word of God Church with SEC Registry Number A199905103. The Church continued to grow and put up a satellite church in Marikina. The Marikina met for two years at the CITI-NACIDA Building at Russet St., SSS Village, until it moved to its permanent church location at 144 E. Manalo Ave. (formerly E. Rodriguez St.) Concepcion Uno, Marikina City in January, 2008. 

The Church is being pastored by FRANCES F. TALATTAD & ANTONIO U. TALATTAD, with the help of the 5-men Board of Trustees and 7-men Board of Elders.Along with the Ministry heads and many faithful volunteer workers, the Church is continually growing by the grace of God.